Story Release Schedule


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Hello dear friends! Starting this month, I decided to make changes to the story release schedule. Do not be alarmed, the number of stories will not decrease, on the contrary, I continue to strive for six stories a month. Unfortunately, the events of the last month did not allow me to achieve this goal, but this month I will try to release six full stories.

This month, the Silver Patrons will receive three stories, and the Gold Patrons will receive six stories, and the Golden Patrons will continue to receive Daily Art.

But now the stories will appear as they are ready and their realese will be smoothly distributed throughout the month. The first story about Elena’s wedding will appear on November 4 or 5, the second story of this month will appear on November 10, the other four stories will appear between November 15 and 30.

Tell me, do you like this story release schedule? Perhaps you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in this thread or in personal messages
Personally i think that we will have an hard time to pass through the No Nut November challenge:ROFLMAO:
But yeah i love it like this, always trying to improve the quantity and quality of stories good job man(y)đź’Ş


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While I'm new to the group, and I love the work I've seen so far I'd be happy with staying at 4 stories and keeping the quality higher. You've got to take time for yourself and your life.

Either way keep up the great work ;-)