Helper 2

Helper 2

Hello, my dear friends! I want to introduce you to the beautiful red-haired Kristina! She has been looking for a job that suits her personally and her temperament for a long time. And Kristina's temperament is such that she cannot sit quietly in one place, she likes to be constantly on the move and in the thick of various events, she likes to feel life in all its manifestations and constantly move forward, gaining new experiences and impressions. And then one day, while flipping through vacancies on a job search site, she came across a vacancy that was perfect for her. Do you want to know what kind of job it is and how was Kristina's first day at work? Then download the new story soon!
By the way, this story continues the plot of the Helper story from 2020 and to refresh my memory of that story, I will post a link to it too

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