Bully 3 + Bully 1 (Text)

Bully 3 + Bully 1 (Text)

Hi my dear friends! Do you remember a girl named Bully? Oh yes, of course remember, such girls cannot be forgotten! And today it's time to find out what Bully is doing, because a unique event happened in her life. Do you want to know which one? Then download the new Bully story now and enjoy!

But that's not all, I have prepared a surprise especially for you. Remember the first Bully story? She was without words, so today I decided to correct this mistake. Therefore, right now you can download a new story about Bully, as well as the first story about Bully already with words. In addition, the archive also contains the second part of the story. From this moment on, if a sequel or triquel appears in a story, then the previous parts of this story will necessarily be in the archive. I hope you enjoy the first part of the Bully story with words

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